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Stafor, This esoteric name sums up a culture that is a thousand years old. “Rough blacksmiths”, that’s what they used to call us, when the Venetian 1700’s allowed the local language influence to define a corporation, and allowed the activity of the smithy to be ensured with continuous employment. The need for arms for the Serenissima fleet, but also tools for lumberjacks and farmers, marked the beginning around a “testa d'asino” mail of the first blacksmith activities in Maniago. Today Maniago, with its cutlery district, is the worldwide leader in the production of metallic instruments for domestic and professional use in industry and crafts.Anyone born in this region, as we were, meets this culture as a child.In the stories of people, in the life of villagers, in the signs that history has left in our small town. A precious and antique culture, like our craftsman’s passion, like our research which today we call work but which nonetheless remains an art of continuous invention, of new shapes, of new uses.This is our life, this is our identity and our history. An important history that we learned as children and that now, as adults, has allowed us to become prestigious “frâvri da fin”. The Sta-For's scissors come produced with materials give beyond 30 years: the wide assortment comes constantly improved and integrated thanks to a continuous search of our company in the fields interested to our products.
Sta-for 2017
20/02/2018  9:14 am
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