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We make life safer through design, by making beautiful fire safety products that people want to include in their everyday. According to statistics, there will be a saved life for every 10 000 smoke alarms sold. This means Jalo Helsinki Smoke Alarms have saved dozens and dozens of lives! We at Jalo Helsinki aim to make a difference and contribute to the number of saved lives through inspirational fire safety products.
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Garden Girl
A Garden is not just a place - it is a lifestyle! In 2007 I decided to combine my two passions in life. I designed a range of stylish, practical clothes with a feminine cut and called it GardenGirl. GardenGirl quickly grew into a brand known worldwide. It was obvious that I had fulfilled a need that I shared with a large number of women across the planet. This year we proudly present newcomers like the Harvest Apron, specially designed for collecting fruit or weeds, and our lovely Gardeners Gloves from the Denim and Classis collections.
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Stafor, This esoteric name sums up a culture that is a thousand years old. “Rough blacksmiths”, that’s what they used to call us, when the Venetian 1700’s allowed the local language influence to define a corporation, and allowed the activity of the smithy to be ensured with continuous employment. The need for arms for the Serenissima fleet, but also tools for lumberjacks and farmers, marked the beginning around a “testa d'asino” mail of the first blacksmith activities in Maniago.
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Centurion is a global leader in the manufacturing of high-quality and affordable garden and outdoor living products. Both Avid and Beginner Gardeners recognize the innovation and value of Centurion products. Centurion quality starts with engineering that incorporates the latest ergonomic research and continues throughout manufacturing with the finest materials and strictest tolerances possible. Our mission is to never stop innovating in order to bring you the best tools
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In the hectic world we live in, it’s both calming and rewarding to watch a plant grow from a tiny seed to harvest. Many of us have actually tried growing plants in pots, window boxes or, the luckiest of us, in gardens. Some have succeeded and many have failed. We at Plantui have been working hard to make growing extremely easy and convenient. Now everyone can experience the joy and wonder of seeing things grow. The Plantui™ Smart Garden is your plot of land within a city and the easiest way to grow plants. And not just any plants, but...
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The factory Herbertz of knives and penknives was founded in 1925 in the German city of Renscheid. For over than 75 years Herbertz has been elaborating knives for almost all the areas. Due to its experience, tradition, investigation and constant development, Herbertz has became in one of the most efficient and modern companies in the sector.
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Muurikka is a reknown Finnish Brand and has become the generic name for outdoor cooking worldwide. They have been making exceptional outdoor cookware for decades.
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